Grand Canyon-Bucket List MUST!

So we hustled out of NM amidst SNOW FLURRIES, rain, & hail.  An hour into our day, Thank you GOD & I’m happy to report the windshield has never been so clean.  The ride to AZ was a bit of a challenge between the hills & the outside temps reaching well over 85 BIG MAMA was not a happy Camper.  She overheated a few times & Joe had to slow her down to a crawl of about 55MPH.  (That’s a drag after doing 80ish for a few days!)  We just gave in to BIG MAMA & treated her like Dessert Royalty & let her do her thing!  We pulled into Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon Gateway Park.  A little scary here & nothing positive to report outside of waking up in the morning to a chill in the weather & the excitement that we FINALLY are going to see the Grand Canyon. 20160417_152901_resized 20160417_151631_resized  20160417_151602_resized Rental Van here we come!  We took dozens of pictures & spent the day driving along a route that allowed for about 12-15 stops that put you @ the Canyon’s Edge.  Simply put-this should be on EVERYONE’S BUCKET LIST…It’s a CAN’T Miss for sure.20160417_151609_resized

194 thoughts on “Grand Canyon-Bucket List MUST!”

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