Newport Dunes RV Park in Newport Beach CA

Remember the tire bubble?  We had to talk with our dude Von about the tire.  I texted him a pic and he immediately setup a tire service to come out to the RV park to change the tire.  The guy showed up in about an hour or so and a half hour later he was done all the while as I sat inside to get a little work done while Celeste took the kids to the beach.  That was totally painless.  Thank you Von!

Well this is a nice RV park but the internet is lousy.  Everyone knows internet is important to the Tamburello’s especially for the kids YouTube videos which really are more for mom and dad, wink, wink, if you know what I mean.  About 6am this morning it was super fast then it got slower and slower till about 7am it was useless.  Thank goodness for my Verizon Jetpack!  Don’t tell Sal, shush.  Let me explain.  When we got the new car it has built in data that you can buy through OnStar.  I bought the largest package 10 gigabits for $150.  The data doesn’t expire for a year, great I thought until I let Sal connect his Android game and watch YouTube for kids.  One ride to Freeport Maine from Jersey and the 10 gigs were gone so Sal no longer has internet.  I keep the Jetpack for the adults only, sorry kids.

Back to Newport Dunes.  We went swimming and walked the dogs.  We did a lot of Bike riding.  Speaking of bike riding, never ever use a bike rack on the back of a diesel RV.  The soot from the exhaust is nasty as Sal would say so before we can ride I have to wash the bikes.  Pain in the butt and they don’t come fully clean.  I wish I had them covered with a tarp or cover of some sort.  Live and learn.

Again back to Newport Dunes.  This morning we walked the dogs down to the playground so the kids could have some fun.  GG on the see saw was a blast.  She had the gutter roll laugh going like she was about to explode.  It was funny.

This RV park has parking right up to the harbor.  It’s real nice with some trees for shade with sideways trunks that the kids like to climb.  Also nice sand on the beach.  Plenty of ducks around to entertain the kids and dogs too.

I met one of the neighbors.  His name was Guy.  His golden retriever was named Rika.  I went over to talk with him because he had a beautiful rig. A brand new 2016 Anthem Entegra.  He gave me the fifty cent tour.  Really nice!  He’s a widower just out for a few days of vacation.  Originally from London but has lived in the US and currently from New Mexico for the last 35 years.  He has the nice British accent.  He’s a republican and a Trump supporter.  I liked him a lot.  A good soul!

So we are leaving in the am and headed to Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield California.  Stay tuned for more!

Kids climbing trees
Kids climbing trees
Mommy and Sal doing hugs
Mommy and Sal doing hugs
View of the harbor from the front of the rig
View of the harbor from the front of the rig
Another view of the harbor from the front of the rig
Another view of the harbor from the front of the rig
Just a shot outside the rig
Just a shot outside the rig
GG with the gutter roll laughter in high gear!
GG with the gutter roll laughter in high gear!
Sal giving GG a very fun time on the See Saw!
Sal giving GG a very fun time on the See Saw!
Sal on the See Saw
Sal on the See Saw

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