Oasis RV Resort-South of the strip Vegas

Whew!  What a long @x$ day!  We arrived around 5pm yesterday 4/23/16.  Beautiful resort-the “office” is more like a lobby for a hotel.  This place is BIG!  Family pool with a small sandy area they call “beach”  (this is Vegas-they Don’t know BEACH).  20160424_113742_resized_1Café on site open from 730am-230pm which I hope we get to check out before we leave.  Multiple laundry & shower facilities, & doggie parks-(doggie parks are way out of the way) so much to the dismay of security & maintenance I have been pottying Sadie & Emma in empty grassy sites as our site has NO grass-yes, yes, I am a responsible momma-I scoop!  We swam a bit last night & a bit today (till Sal had a NO listening spell which resulted in no fun for about 3 hours!)  Then we rode bikes & scoped out everything!

Hoping the RV’s generator gets fixed tomorrow.-before we head out on Tuesday for our next stop one night stop in Fallon, NV I believe-en route to Bryce Canyon & Zion parks  :-)    The trip here was over 440 miles with no tv, or a/c-it was not one of our more pleasant trips.  We experienced many hills & grades-20160423_132454_resized_1one of which seemed pretty “level” but went on for over 15 miles!

Our adventure for Monday 4/25/16 includes renting a car so we can go visit Red Rock Canyon.  Life on the road has been interesting to say the least-but the fun, the memories, & the chance to do this make all the nonsense worth it.  Having a great time-wish you were here  :-)  20160425_140738_resized20160425_140747_resized_1 20160425_143336_resized_2 20160425_143351_resized 20160425_195649

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