Kaboom, KABOOM!

Well after losing 3 more days in Vegas trying to get the generator fix we got shut out of 2 Utah stops I really wanted to visit.  Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.  Not knowing when he would have it fixed forced us to wait to make reservations.  There was nothing available to the following week so we got it shoved up our patuty because we rented a piece of junk!  I’m so aggravated.

Had to cancel with our friends in Colorado.  They were expecting 12-18 inches of snow and temps in the mid 20’s.  The rig can’t freeze so that was just bad timing. The week before they had daytime highs in the 80’s. Go figure!

So we left Vegas headed for warmer territory.  Gallup, New Mexico.  Long day driving 428 miles.  The rig was not handling very good.  We were bottoming out on every little bump.  At first I didn’t want to think we had another problem so we KABOOMED on down the road.  If my big ass can leave the seat then I guess I should have known something was wrong but honestly I wanted to make it to our next stop.  I would not want to get towed off the freeway.  In the rig we can live while they come onsite to repair.  Like Celeste said it was the fitting where the air hose connected to the air bag.  The mechanics, came out after they were already closed and had it fixed in about 40 minutes.  Nice guys and great service.

They other thing that is bugging me and now has turned into an issue is the water hose that connects to the RV Parks from the rig.  From day one it has leaked.  We stopped one day at Walmart for supplies so I bought some hose washers.  That helped very little.  It still leaked.  I even had one park employee yell at me saying don’t you realize we have a water shortage! Well it gets worse each time I connect it.  We are at the point of having to turn the water source off and on as needed so it doesn’t spray all over the place.  I can’t believe I have to stop at Home Depot and spend my time fixing this.  What a piece of crap!

Lastly today we pulled over in a rest stop and had some lunch.  Celeste took the dogs for a pee break.  I had the headlights on because if you travel out west they have these safety corridors where they want you to turn on headlights so I’m a good boy and obey.  Back to Celeste walking the dogs.  She comes in and said the drivers side headlight is out with a big smile on her face :-) All I can say is this tub is not worth all the money we paid for it.  I really feel taken advantage of.  I did text our dude so he would know when the rig is returned that the headlight would need to be replaced.  He texted back and asked me to stop at a truck stop to see if they can replace it.  My answer, I’m not wasting my vacation fixing your rig!

I know I’m suppose to be funny and entertaining with the blog but the problems are getting to me.  All-Star Coaches suck!  I like doing the RV thing but not in a piece of crap that needs retirement.

Today we landed in Amarillo Texas for 2 nights.  They have an indoor pool and a fishing pond we hope to take advantage of.  We plan to keep heading east with a couple of one night stops or boon dock in a Walmart and try to get to Georgia or South Carolina to finish out the last week or so.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there’s more to come!

522 thoughts on “Kaboom, KABOOM!”

  1. Joe, you are handling each problem well and becoming an RV expert, knowing what to look for! Come back in a year or 2 in a better rig to hit Bryce and Zion.

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